Why Outsourcing?

Why Outsourcing?

The answers to this question include different dimensions in the company: Quality management processes and costs, Internet technology, human resources, strategy, etc., but also keep in mind that specialization, in a particular activity, will lead to better results at lower costs.

Because of this need for specialization, the concept of outsourcing appears, ergo, external companies who develop non-core activities to an organization. In this way, companies can focus on what they do best, thus focusing attention and resources. The activities that go on to develop external companies are those that are not strategic to their business and not have special abilities on them.

Here are some questions regarding a business outsourcer support your organization:

How you can improve the quality of administrative HR processes in my company, while ensuring cost reduction?

It's very simple. Our company has four key aspects to ensure the success of our projects:

- The best human resources in each area.

- Excellent and exclusive technological resources.

- Extensive experience in such schemes.

- Excellence in the service. Commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

My company has a human resources department, then what would I need to hire a HR outsourcing?

The role of human resource management is increasingly important within organizations once. Now more than ever, HR should focus on developing strategies to strengthen companies and away from those necessary activities that consume a lot of time, effort and resources but are not strategic to their business.

Now, when companies need HR managers aligned to the overall objectives of the organizations. A true partner to encourage and direct the human capital of the organization towards the same objectives through strategic plans. Our goal is not to replace the management of human resources, on the contrary, we have become a right hand and an ally of this.

How I can calculate the cost savings that you guarantee me vs. my current costs?

The first thing to do is to analyze your current costs, the time it takes for you and your staff develop the activities you intend to outsource and errors or risks you are currently taking.

If you want to get an idea of their actual costs in particular domestic activity, these questions should be answered:

- Which people are involved in the process and what is the cost of these people for my business? Remember to get a real data , you assume as personnel costs , in addition to salary, benefits by law ( holidays, Christmas salary , employment benefits , health insurance, bonus , AFP ) and other benefits that you assume by your staff, according to the company -specific policies ( overtime, vehicle allocation , training , etc.).

- How long it takes for all involved through the process, and what the operating costs of the process are? Waste materials, use of office equipment, electrical energy, physical space, etc..

- Does my staff have the required experience, for not opt outsourcing help in case of problems?

- What risks am I taking to make this activity internally? ( Labor lawsuits , costly mistakes, etc. ).

Now that you have most of your current costs, proceed to compare it with our proposed services. We assure you will be surprised how competitive our fees will be relative to your costs.